Gluten-Free à Paris

Travelling to a new place can be difficult and a little disheartening when you can’t eat certain things (or like me quite a lot of things…) so research is a must before you go. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ll find something once you’re there because that won’t work at least half the time, and you’ll end up relying on familiar chain restaurants you could find anywhere and miss out on the local cuisine and allergen-friendly community.

It sounds like hassle but honestly, as well as allowing you to eat on holiday and experience the local culture, researching will let you discover little nooks and crannies of Paris (or wherever) that usually go unseen by the general tourist population.

So here’s a list of tried-and-tested (but by no means exhaustive) allergen-friendly eateries in the City of Love.

Noglu Bakery

I have half-formed plans to just jump on a Eurostar and go back to Paris solely for this place. It’s small, and a little out of the way, but there are 3 different bakeries (boulangeries – ooh la la) around the city so I’m sure there will be one close by wherever you are. It’s entirely gluten-free, from tarts to cakes, bread, pastries – and trust me, their baguettes are better than any “normal” glutenful (claiming creative license for that one) bread I’ve ever had. noglu-2

Paris 75002 is small and cosy, within a rustic little arcade so you can sit ‘outside’ while tucking into carrot cake that will satiate anyone who’s hungry from months of a gluten-free diet. The staff are friendly, though I would advise brushing up on your French a bit – smaller places tend not to have many English-speaking staff, but their gluten-free baking skills are really worth the effort to learn a few phrases.

Would seriously recommend/demand that you pay them a visit on your travels.

You can drool over their Instagram posts here.

Yummy & Guiltfree

This is a waffle place – yes, you are welcome. All gluten-free; some dairy-free; vwaffleseggie and vegan options; both sweet and savoury. And if you’re there when there’s a seasonal festival on (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.) they have limited edition waffles on offer. What more could you want.

You may have to look for them inside shopping centres but they are worth hunting down – and if you’re lucky like I was not only will there be locals eating there (always a good sign), but they also may bring their pug puppies along.

You can witness them in all their waffley majesty here.

Crêperie aux Ducs de Bourgogne

This crêperie is a little less modern than the other two but the food is to die for. Again, I’d brush up on your French ordering skills for this one, it’s a little out of the way (like the others) and very much feels like a local business with French regulars rather than getting much tourist attention – until now.

They offer both crêpes and galettes (savoury crêpes), you can view their menu on the website in the link above – sadly no Instagram for this one. I would highly recommend going with another person and one of you ordering savoury while the other orders sweet and split them – I promise you will not have room for another one.

(Sidenote: best bacon I’ve ever had. No lie. British bacon has nothing on them.)

Those are my top 3 gluten-free places in Paris, but there are many many more. Don’t be afraid to look around for more obscure places, seriously no one does food better than the French.





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